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The boys are learning a new sport, and they’re loving it. I don’t know why we waited so long. Our older kids both learned to snowboard when they were young- around here the ski mountains have deals for homeschoolers that make it affordable. Jesse went a few times when he was around seven but didn’t really like it, and we didn’t try again. When people hear that we lived in Colorado, and know that we have active boys, they assume that skiing or snowboarding was part of our life, but actually out there it was less accessible than here in northern New England. The mountains are far away from the Front Range and very expensive. As it turned out, I was scared to drive in the Rocky Mountains and my husband was so busy with work it just didn’t happen.

I grew up in Florida and don’t ski at all, my husband’s parents never did things like that with their kids and although he did learn to snowboard as an adult he doesn’t do it any more; so it’s not like it came naturally to us to do this with our kids. But I knew I wanted all of my kids to at least have the opportunity to learn, so finally this year we got motivated to take them. We got a late start- February!- but better late than never.

Actually, the final push came when I tried taking them sledding and they complained that it was boring and broke their sleds going over jumps. I came home and said to Scott: okay, time to snowboard. And just like that, they are hooked. We’ve been fortunate to be able to participate in a homeschool program that didn’t require signing up at the beginning of the season- you can just sign up for individual days. My husband took them the first few times, on the weekends, and now I am comfortable going with them during the week.

It’s been nice to see them get along so well while they learn together. They’ve often had a contentious relationship, but this sport seems to bring out the best in them. Since we’re house hunting anyway, proximity to a good ski mountain has now moved to the top of the list. Which I’m fine with, since going inland is my preference. The coastal areas are expensive and crowded, and since Scott can work from home as long as he has a good internet connection, being in a more rural area makes more sense both for financial reasons and quality of life.

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